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The «Attounissiya Internet» company (Ex-Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) is a public company having the judicial form of an anonymous company.

Founded in 1996, ATI's main prerogative is the promotion and development of the Internet in Tunisia, as well as :

  • The operating and management of the national Internet Exchange Point (national IXP);
  • The management of Internet mail gateways for ISPs, allowing the exchange of messages between them and the rest of the internet;
  • The management of the national domain ".tn" and  .تونس "  "; according to current regulations;
  • The management of IP addressing in Tunisia.

ATI works to highlight the benefits of its achievements, with a multi-stakeholder approach, and in accordance with international best practices of transparency and neutrality, so as to represent a sustainable economic model through the development of new services, as well as through multiple partnerships for pilot projects.

Conscious of the technical and economic importance of internet exchange points, ATI established TunIXP which represents the first IXP in the Arab Maghreb region, a member of Euro-IX and Af-IX.

ATI continues to work in order to unite the largest number of national and regional stakeholders by linking them to TunIXP.

ATI equally promotes innovation, mainly by hosting for the first time in Tunisia free open source mirrors. ATI also offers in its headquarters a free community space devoted to technological innovation.