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Internet access

The ATI provides internet access primarily to government ministries, the PAI (public administrative institutions).

For other institutions, commercial or private, please get in touch with any ISPs in Tunisia.

The ATI provides Internet access through the following connections:

Access Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL):

This technology is DSL. Unlike ADSL, SDSL is the symmetrical flow: the flow download (receive) is equal to the flow upload (send). The ITA provides connections with speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps. SDSL technology is a new technology that allows the transport symmetric (unlike ADSL) high data rates on the son of conventional copper phone also providing a connection to the Internet.

SDSL connection is a good alternative to leased lines and DSL companies. SDSL connection is required if you need a balanced traffic or if users need access to the information you make available on servers located on your site (internal) is not the case for accommodation a website or a mail server in that case a leased line broadband is recommended.

To change your connection "ADSL business" to a telephone line connection SDSL is offered by Tunisie Telecom. See the list of our rates.

Optical Fiber Access (O.F):

The optical fiber is a technology that allows Internet access and related services with connections up to very high speeds up to 100MB. As the name suggests, the fiber optic transmit digital data at the speed of light. In addition to flow very fast, one of the advantages of optical fiber is not to be influenced by the length of the line between the subscriber and node connection. Fiber connections are made in speed symmetric (same upload and download).
The choice of fiber optic technology for your Internet connection will guarantee your company a change in consumption at a controlled pace and without constraint.

ADSL (Pro):

The Pro is an ADSL broadband Internet access, value-priced, for the professional wishing to change their dial-up connection through a broadband connection.

Access to leased lines (LS):

The ATI offers permanent connections to the Internet through leased lines (LS) 64 Kbps throughput up to 2 Mbps. This means of access is appropriate for institutions that have an internal network (LAN). In this case an IP connection is dedicated to the subscriber.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Access Company (ADSL):

This technology can boost the transmission capacity of existing phone lines so that the voice and digital data can pass quickly. The user can then surf at high speed on a link available at all times, while having the ability to use his phone. The ITA provides connections (in Kbps) 64/128, 128/384, 256/512, 384/1024, 512/2048 and 8MB / s. To qualify, it is necessary to live in a geographical area covered by this technology. It is also necessary that your computer is equipped with an ethernet card or a USB port.

Access Frame Relay (LS):

The ATI offers permanent connections to the Internet through access Frame Relay flow ranging from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps. This is a technology fast packet switching based on virtual circuits. It is suitable for businesses.

Technical Support:

All our clients are entitled to free technical support through the Hot Line (+216) 71 843 843, 7d/7d 24h/24 or e-mail:

Customized Services:

The ATI is committed to providing the best service and greatest value to all its customers.

The ATI is trying to meet all the needs of its customers even more specific.

For more information, contact us on 71 84 61 00 or email:


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